Bottom Ash Handling System for Power Plant


Power Wise Conveyor provides turnkey solutions of bottom ash handling system for coal fired power plant, biomass power plant and co-generation plant. Producing the ash/slag handling equipment for CFB boilers and PC boilers.

The founders of Power Wise Conveyor have focused on design and manufacturing Rotary ash cooler, Submerged scraper conveyor(SSC) and Ash silo system since 1990s, long before we start our own company.

We provide all needed equipment for bottom ash handling from boiler to the truck. To learn more, please check the Product Page of Rotary ash cooler, Submerged scraper conveyor(SSC), Ash silo and unloading system.

Automatic Tube Cleaning System


Power Wise Conveyor’s Ball-type Automatic Tube Cleaning System have ideal applications on steam surface and overhead condensers, large chiller systems, auxiliary heat exchangers, and often are found in the following:

Power Plants (Fossil, Nuclear, Geothermal, Co-generation)

District Heating and Cooling Plants

Desalinization Plants

Petrochemical and Refining Plants

To learn more please check the Product Page of Ball Type Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning System.

Conveyors for Material Handling System


Power Wise Conveyor has been a trusted partner in heavy-duty industrial conveyor manufacturing. Whether your company is in need of a custom chain bucket conveyor, drag chain conveyor, screw conveyor, belt conveyor or bucket elevator to help with the transport of bulk material, PWC’s conveyor engineering experts can help.

Additionally, our consultation services can help customers to identify the different conveyor options that might work best for their specific situations.

Conveyors application covers: bottom and fly ash of power plant, cement, steel, chemical, mining, lime & stone, grain and etc.

To learn more, please check the Product Page of Conveyors for material handling system.