Industrial Damper

Baffle Damper


Application: Wet type dust collector for power plant.

The baffle damper is used for the flue gas pipeline of the power plant. It has two functions of full opening and full closing, closing angle 90 degree, opening and closing time less than 45 seconds. It has flexible opening and closing. The driving torque is small, has high sealing performance, also can working under high pressure and temperature.

Adjustable Round Damper


Adjustable round damper usually use one or two blades. Size from DN100-DN2400. Dampers can be built to fit any size air duct. They are ideal for low leakage and shut off applications and are a cost effective solution for high temp and paint laden airstreams requiring low leakage.

Adjustable Baffle Damper


The adjustable baffle damper is used for adjusting the flow rate in the flue gas pipeline. It has the advantages of flexible rotation and excellent adjustment characteristics through different working fluid flow rates at different positions within the stroke of the baffle rotating 90°. For the hot air regulating door, the shaft end bearing is also equipped with a sealed air joint for external sealing air.