Fine Powder Separator Air Classifier and Coarse Powder Separator Air Classifier



Application: Coal milling and feeding system, raw material grinding system for power or cement plant.

The high-efficiency coal powder separator air classifier is part of coal mill system and coal coal feeding system in power and cement plant. It has the characteristics of economical and practical, simple and compact structure, easy installation and convenient maintenance. The air volume of the powder separator is generally 33,000-38000 m3/h.

The coarse powder separator and the fine powder separator form a swirling airflow after the dust enters the volute of the cyclone from the inlet. Due to the different quality of the dust and air, the dust material deflected toward the wall of the cyclone due to the centrifugal force, along the wall of the cylinder. Falling into the cone, and the gas of the clean body is discharged into the atmosphere along the inner wall of the cyclone through the exhaust pipe.

Should be attention while operating:

  1. Regularly check of the wear on the inner cone. Its to prevent the coal powder from entering the inner cone, forming accumulation and detonating. If found that there is leakage of coal powder, should be cleaned with compressed air in time, and keep the inner cone sealed.
  2. Since the top cone is easy to accumulate coal powder, after stopping the grinding, the suction is continued for twenty minutes to eliminate the deposition and prevent natural detonation.



Size and technical parameters will be customized according to specific projects.