Industrial Dust Collector

1. CCJ/A-GZ Impact Dust Collector

Application: Wet type dust collector for power plant.

The CCJ/A-HZ impact dust collector unit with high dust removal efficiency. However, due to many problems such as water supply and sewage discharge, especially the problem that the sewage pipe is often blocked, our company has improved the dust removal unit and redesigned the electrical control box to meet the operational requirements.




1.Dust air in     2.Water supply float valve     3."S" type channel     4.Blade     5.Overflow pipe     6.Frame     7. Sewage pipe     8.Blade     9.Clean air mist chamber     10.Clean air out let     11.Water fender     12.Electromagnetic valve     13.Flushing water pipe     14.Blocking plate     15.Gate valve


2. XDCC Multi-tube Impact Dust Collector

Application: Purification treatment of dusty air for mining, chemical, power, coal and etc.

XDCC multi-tube impact type dust collector is mainly used for the purification treatment of non-fiber, non-corrosive and dust-free gas with temperature not higher than 300 °C. It is widely used in mining, chemical, electric power, coal building materials, metallurgical and other industries.




1.Dust screen     2. Union box     3. Air duct     4. Spray nozzle     5. First water fender     6. Second water fender     7. Overflow pipe     8. Flushing nozzle      9.The electromagnetic valve     10. Electric drive pusher     11. Water level controller     12. Sealing device     13.Centrifugal fan



3. LZZ Flat Bag Dust Collector

LZZ flat bag dust collector unit use advanced double-barrel reciprocating tapping vibration cleaning technology and aerodynamic characteristic curve fan, and equipped with reliable heating, explosion-proof and pressure relief protection device. The filter cloth use CCP anti-static flame-retardant filter. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of good cleaning effect, compact structure, smaller size and convenient installation and maintenance. It not only can handle dry and flammable dusty gas, but also can effectively deal with the unique function of sub-humidity, viscous dusty gas and ensure the rated air volume.




1.Vibration box     2. Lower case     3. Upper cavity     4. Fan part     5. Asbestos rope     6. Bolt     7. Nut     8. Washer     9. Silencer     10. Asbestos rope     11. Bolt     12. Nut     13.Washer