Automated Tube Cleaning System  (ATCS)






System layout of the Ball type automatic condenser tube cleaning

1. Ball strainer     2. Ball collector      3. Electric valve     4. Ball injector     5. Manual valve     6. Three-way connector      7. Pressure gauge     8. Drain valve     9. Debris filter


Application: Automatic tube cleaning system


1. Overview

The Ball type automatic tube cleaning system is for steam turbine’s condenser with a capacity of 15MW to 600 MW. The diameter of circulating water pipe can be matched 300-2200mm. With years of efforts, we have provided more than 100 sets of this system for more than 100 power plants and chemical, steel and coal plants.


This system is composed by:

-Ball strainer.The Ball strainer is the key equipment for this system. It is installed in the outlet pipe of the circulating water of the condenser.

-Debris Filter. Filter cooling water to remove debris and make sure there will be no stuck for the condenser tubes. 

-Ball collector. A device for ball collection, injection, and with a plexiglass window to observation of the state of operation.

-Ball injector. A power device for the transportation of the balls, no stuck by the balls and low ware rate.

-Control Panel. Automatic control device for the whole system, can be customized as your control requirements. Each can control up to three systems.

-Cleaning balls. With different material and application, suitable for different working conditions.


This system can keep cleaning the tube of the condenser without reducing the load of the whole unit, reduce the end difference of the condenser and the back pressure of the turbine, improve the thermal efficiency of the steam turbine, and reduce the coal consumption for power generation. At the same time, it can slow the corrosion inside the tube, which is an ideal equipment for energy saving and improving working conditions.



2. Working principle

The ball condenser tube cleaning is to use the sponge balls which size is larger than the inner diameter of the tube and let them through the condenser tube by the flow of the water to clean the tube.

Choose the sponge ball with a density similar to the water and place them in the ball collector. Turn on the ball injector, the ball collector and the ball valve to form a pathway. The balls are mixed in the flowing water which is slightly higher pressure than the circulating water, and they will flow into the tube from the condenser circulating water inlet. The sponge balls are microporous soft elastomer that can pass through the inner wall of a tube which is 1-2 mm smaller than its diameter. Each time the ball passes through the tube, it wiping the inner wall of the tube to remove the dirt or corrosion and then the ball flows with the circulating water enter the Ball strainer. The balls return the ball collector and finished one circulation. By repeating the above cycle, the tube will be cleaned.


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