Belt Conveyor



Handling: Bulk or packaged material of power plant, metallurgy, mining, chemical and etc.

The TD Belt conveyor is suitable for bulk material handling in thermal power plants, metallurgy, coal, chemical, mining, transportation and other departments.

The conveyor belts is divided into two types: ordinary rubber belt and high-strength nylon belt. The working environment temperature is -30 °C to + 40 °C.

In addition to retaining various protection functions, this series of belt conveyors has also made great improvements in structure. To prevent the belt from rewinding, which has good performance.



The conveying capacity in the table is calculated under the condition that the material volume is r=1.0t/m3, the conveyor angle 0° to 7 degrees, and the material dynamic accumulation angle is 30°.

Above technical parameters can be customized according to specific requirements.