Drag Chain Conveyor/Chain Scraper Conveyor




Handling: Dry ash of power plant or similar bulk material.

MBS Chain scraper conveyor/Drag chain conveyor is part of mechanical ash handling system. It have structural features of single-chain drag, synchronous tension. The single die forging chain drags the scraper, and the operation is stable and reliable. The worm screw drive is synchronously tension and easy to operate. The feed splitting prevents the feed from suddenly increasing and stop. 250 and 410 of the models MBS-250×n and MBS-410×n represent the scraper widths of 250 mm and 410 mm. The capacity of MBS-250×n ash conveyor is generally not more than 15t/h, and the output of MBS-410×n ash conveyor is generally not more than 60t/h.




 1. Drag device     2. Tension mechanism     3. Roller     4. Head cover     5. Tail cover     6. Standard joint     7. Observation door     8. Scraper     9. Ash outlet      10. ash inlet     11.Channel steels     12. Sprocket wheel cover     13. Motor base